Missing that race feeling? Well we've got you covered!

COR.Chrono on August 12th 2020 gives you a chance to race against the clock in our first ever time-trial obstacle course race!

The course will be thoroughly cleaned between each racer and only 3 time slots are available every half hour to ensure your safety. Head to Mindbody now and register for only $20!

Spartan Sprint VR

Challenge yourself in the Spartan Virtual Race experience! Race dates are as follows

          • September 5, 2020
          • October 24, 2020
          • December 5, 2020

Spartan OS

Want to teach Spartan and obstacle training classes? Sign up for the Spartan Obstacle Specialist course now

          • August 1-2, 2020
          • September 26, 2020
          • November 21, 2020

CNL National Qualifier - February 1 2020 @ COR.Fit

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